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Related article: Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 16:20:13 +1000 From: Rob Newell Subject: AFL Men Part 3Anthony Rocca was boiling hot. No matter what, he just couldn't get cool because of the 40 C heat outside. That was how he found himself to be watching a DVD, with all the curtains closed in his blue boxer briefs.The curtains were closed for another reason as well. The DVD he was watching was a porn one, nothing interesting in that fact alone, but what made it interesting was that it was a gay one. This one was about an orgy in a locker room and was one of his favourites.As he was getting into it, a knock on the day interrupted him and he was pissed off. He was on his way to being fully hard and someone had to interrupt him!"Coming" (I wish I was literally he thought) Anthony yelled and walked to the door. When he got there, he opened it to see his team mate James Clement standing on the door."Jim!" Anthony said surprised "What are you Preteen Gallery doing here?""Just really bored. You don't mind me coming over do you? I hope that I'm not interrupting anything." James enquired."No you're not, come on in." Anthony said, letting James come in and following him to the living room- James had visited Anthony at home before you see.As they reached the living room Anthony suddenly remembered something. He only paused the porn so it would still be on screen...but it was too late. James had seen the porn on the screen, which at that very moment showed two things- two guys in Speedos kissing and another two fucking on the locker room floor."What's this?" James asked, silently intrigued by what he saw. He also didn't need to ask that question- he figured that Anthony was gay but he would deny it."Well, umm, I really don't know what I can say Jim. I mean is there anything that I could say and it wouldn't sound like complete and utter bullshit?" Anthony asked, but instead of looking at James he was looking at the floor, completely embarrassed."You know Anthony; we have been friends for a while. And I hope you know that you can trust me with anything; because I can be trusted. Look at our entire team, we are all there for one another and I hope you know that, although I know that you know that." James said, in a soft tone.This little speech of James really made Anthony think. He knew what James was saying was true, but even if he did tell James he knew Preteen Gallery that most likely things would never be the same again.He got to his senses and went over and ejected the DVD from the player, trying to seriously get the situation back under control."Would you like a drink James?" Anthony managed to ask."Yes please if you don't mind. Just a beer if you got one." James asked taking a seat in the living room, while Anthony went to grab two bottles of Hahn light ice.When he returned he gave James his drink and grabbed a seat next to him."What are you doing out know Jim? In case you haven't noticed it is 40 degrees outside?" Anthony asked."Well, yes I have notice it, but I needed to get some things done; new clothes I needed mainly, and because it's such a hot day out, I knew not a lot of people would be out and so decided to get it now. Plus, the shops have air conditioning as well." Jim replied, taking a sip of his beer."Well, you're made that's all I can say. I'm stinking hot and I haven't been outside" Anthony replied before taking a sip of his beer."What happened to your air-conditioning?""It packed it in about four days ago. You won't believe how hard it is to find someone to fix it." Anthony said, exasperated at the lack of cool air in his house.For the next few minutes they both sat there silently, drinking their beers and thinking their own thoughts. It was Anthony who spoke up, deciding to take the plunge."Do you really want me to tell you what I have been hiding from all of you?" Anthony asked, for he was not prepared to reveal his secret of James would just freak out and punch his lights out."Yes" James said, slightly annoyed. "I will always respect you and anything you tell me won't be repeated to anyone else, unless you want me too."Taking another sip of his beer, Anthony finally wound up the courage to reveal his secret. "Well the truth is James, and this is not easy to say, but for a long time now I have had these feelings. Every time I'm in the locker room or at a swimming pool, these feelings were inside me and, after a long time, I now understand the feelings. James, I am gay"Silence followed, excruciatingly, for what seemed like an eternity to Anthony, but what would have been only a few minutes. The only movements in this time were of both guys drinking the beers."Wow!" James said. "I don't know what to say to that. I really don't. How long have you felt like that for Tony?""About six, seven months now. What a minute, you're not made at me? I mean, aren't you even thinking for a minute that I might have been perving on you in the showers after a game?" Anthony said rapidly. It was taking a toll on him, as his breathing became more rapid."No I'm not made at you, I'm glad that you could trust me with your secret. I haven't even thought about if you perved on me and I really do not care. I mean, each to their own I guess." James could see that Anthony's mood had changed; that it was still one of apprehension and nervousness. "You need to calm down Anthony; there is no point in working yourself up over it. The hard part is over now."On the one hand, Anthony could see that what James was saying was correct, but on the other hand there was the matter of the rest of the Collingwood team, not to mention the press. What would happen if he told the club and it got leaked to the media? His career would be in a shambles, not to mention that he would cop slack of his family.God, his family! What would they say when they found out that one of their sons was a flaming queer? It was just all too much for him to comprehend.As all these thoughts were pouring through Anthony's head, James was watching on with concern. To him, Anthony's face was red and looked like that the heat was getting to him really badly- if it was 40 degrees outside then inside it must have been even a couple of degrees higher even with the curtains closed.The shock of the announcement he made and the endless thoughts of possibilities of what could happen to him, along with the heat finally took a toll on Anthony and he collapsed in his seat, from heat exhaustion.James was shocked when he saw Anthony collapse and decided that the best thing to do was to take him back to his place, of where there was air-conditioning. After spending a few minutes pouring fluids into Anthony, he found Anthony's keys and helped him into his Holden Monaro and sped off to his house.When they got there, James helped Anthony out of his car and into his house, laying him down on the couch. He the turned on the air conditioning and left Anthony alone for ten minutes, letting him cool down- Anthony was still in his boxer-briefs even then.Slipping away, even James noticed that it was still hot so he slipped off his clothes, and then followed by his pair of briefs before slipping on a pair of blue Speedos. This way, all his clothes wouldn't be hanging off his body which was dripped with sweat."What happened?" Anthony asked as he saw James slip back in, noticing that they weren't at his own house anymore."You collapsed mate. I think it was because of the heat, so I took you back to my place where there is air-conditioning." James said.Indeed, it was cooler there and the redness of Anthony's face was soon disappearing. James disappeared for a minute and soon returned with a drink; this time a can of VB."Cheers," They both said as they drank their beers."Hang on a minute" Anthony said all of a sudden. "You took me out even though I was still in my undies didn't you?""Yeah I did, and frankly I don't care about any embarrassment because you were hot and looked like you were about to chuck up. You face was really red Anthony; it still is a bit even now. My first thought was about your health.""Yeah, I suppose that's a good point" Anthony said softly."Suppose do you? I told you we were close mates and mates look out for each other" James said, taking another sip of his VB.Anthony didn't know what to say at this gesture of their friendship; despite being mates at the club for a long time, they didn't really become close friends until about a month or so ago."So how's Brodie going?" Anthony asked, breaking the silence."He's ok. Well, yeah, he's ok. Enjoying his time playing footy, as we all do I suppose you could say" James replied.It was this point at time at which James looked uncomfortable. No one knew this, not even his closest friend Brodie Holland, but his sexuality had been a secret from everyone he knew. On the occasions that there have been club functions, he had been either by himself or taken one of his female friends with him. To hear the revelations about Anthony's sexuality, well, the situation was becoming entirely different now."Hay James, are you ok?" Anthony said picking up on the look of concentration on James's face."Yeah I'm fine. Listen I'm going for a dip in my pool, do you want to join me?" James asked, trying desperately to avoid any awkward questions."Only one problem mate. I have nothing else to change into" Anthony said."That's not a problem. Come with me and I'll lend you a pair of my Speedos." James said, as they both headed towards his bedroom.As they entered his room, Anthony was amazed to see a massive collection of old movie posters hanging from the walls."Huge Preteen Gallery movie buff I take it Jim?" Anthony asked, stunned at the collection. It was a huge collection for just one person he thought."Yeah, I am in fact" James replied rummaging through his wardrobe looking for his pair of red Speedos. After another minute or so, he found them."Here you go Tony; I told you I had another pair here. I'll meet you outside, but you can change and leave you boxer-briefs here." James said, holding out a pair of red Speedos.James handed the pair of Speedos to Anthony and went outside to the pool, thinking that Anthony would be a few minutes.'God I can't believe all Preteen Gallery that has happened today' Anthony thought to himself as he got out of his boxer-briefs. There was a mirror in the room and Anthony went over there to check himself out. 'Looks like the training has payed off' he thought, admiring the cut smooth body of his, with only a slightly hairy chest and the crown of perfection of his body- a 10" cut beauty.Moving back and stepping into the red Speedos, he went out of the room and into the backyard, slipping into the water; which was cold but considering the heat of the day, enjoyable."Cold isn't it?" James asked, seeing Anthony shiver from the coldness."Fuck yeah, but its better then the heat anytime" Anthony replied, sending a spray of water towards James.For the next 20 minutes, they spent the time in the pool sending sprays of water towards each other and generally having a care free time. They then dried themselves, just enough not to get the furniture wet but still to remain wet a bit and headed back into the living room."That was fun mate" Anthony said, smiling for the first time that day since announcing that he was gay."Yeah it was wasn't it?" James said, also smiling and cracking open two more beers of VB."I should head of shortly; I really shouldn't inconvenience you anymore." Anthony said."You're not mate. Stay as long as you want, I don't have any plans for tonight.""Really, you don't mind?""Of course not, we're mates and mates spend time with each other." James replied.They were still in the swimwear and stayed that way, and at 6:00 James ordered takeout to eat.20 minutes later, they were eating Chinese and drinking their 4th bottle of beer."So tell me Jimmy" Anthony said, slightly tipsy but fully knowing what he was saying and doing, "Have you got any secrets that you are hiding from us all?""Well, truthfully, yes I do Anthony." James said seriously.Anthony stoped smiling and acting like a dickhead and become serious. "You' don't have to reveal it if you don't want to, you know that?""Yeah, but although it's not tit for tat, you told me yours so I will give you the same honour and tell you mine."Anthony just nodded at this. Whatever James said, they were close mates now and he would support him regardless."Well, how I reacted to your announcement wasn't truly how I felt. When you said what you did, it sort of made me admire you more then what I did. You had the courage to say what you said without worrying about the consequences- you found someone to trust.""Why," Anthony began "Thanks Jim. I know there was a reason to trust you and now I know what is. I'm glad that you respect me like that I and I really respect you too.""Well, anyway, I guess I should say what I was going to say all along. Anthony, I'm gay as well." James said, speaking softly and confidently, although he was extremely nervous on the inside."Really? What are the chances of that happening? Anthony asked."Yeah I know. It's extremely ironic." James said as they continued to eat, not quite sure of knowing what to say to each other. It was Anthony who broached the silence."So Jimmy, Jimmy Jim, are there any players on our team which you think are hot?" Anthony asked with a straight face.This question really made James laugh loud. They were now going to compare hot guys with each other, which in his mind, wasn't all that bad a reaction."Sure there are heaps of them. You know that" Jim said."Yeah, Bucks is really a god isn't he?" Anthony asked."Yeah of course. I would love to be ridden by him any day. I guess Tarkyn is ok, as well as Shane and Brodie""Fuck yeah, they're all hot. Don't forget about Tazza as well, he's hot as well.""Hell yeah." Jim replied. "But you know who I like the most don't you?""Yeah, Bucks off course!" Anthony said, smiling at this."No, you of course. You may not realise this, but whenever I got the chance too, I perved on you." Jim said softly, with a smile on his face and a look of admiration in his eyes."Really?" Anthony said shocked."Yes, really""You're not too bad yourself Jim."They spent the next few minutes finishing off their drinks and diner and went back to sit on the sofa."What an eventful day it has been hasn't it?" Anthony said."Yeah, it has been. The most eventful that I've known of in recent times." Jim said.Anthony got up and decided to have another look at the movie posters in the bedroom. After being gone for Preteen Gallery 5 minutes, James went off to discover where he was and saw that he was staring at a movie poster on the wall."You got good tastes" Anthony said still staring at them, not noticing that James had sat down on the double bed."Yeah, but thank god for the income or I wouldn't have been able to afford some of the posters.""Really? If you don't mind my asking, how expensive have some of them been?" Anthony asked, turning around and sitting down on the bed next to Jim."Well, the one with Ava Gardner and Gregory Peck cost about 6 grand" James said lying down on the bed, taking the load of his feet."Wow! What an expensive hobby!" Anthony remarked, following Jim and laying on the bed.They both stayed still for a few minutes before Anthony gathered up the nervous to ask the one question that had been on his mind since James's revelation."Jim, have you been with any other player?""Well, yes. Yes I have Anthony." James said. He was going to make Rocca beg to know who it was."Well, if you don't mind me asking, who was it?" Anthony asked impatient and eager to know."Nick Riewoldt" came the reply."Shit! You're lucky. I would give anything for that hunk." Learning up on his side, Anthony looked toward James who slid up in the same way. "How big was he?""Well, he was 9", but from the looks of your Speedo you're bigger then he is and possible cut as well" James said and promptly kissed Anthony on the lips.Taken by surprise, Anthony soon opened his mouth and soon found himself French kissing James- passionately and deeply, unlike any other kiss he had ever had. He soon found himself kissing James for the next five minutes, before pulling back, breathing much deeper then before."That was amazing Jim" Anthony said, Preteen Gallery his chest rising and falling heavily. "I've never been kissed like that before.""I'm glad that you liked it Tony. Now lie back on the bed and enjoy the rest of the night. I can tell there will be many more nights like this with you." Jim said with a smile on his faceAs Anthony lied back on the bed, James slowly licked around Anthony's lips before heading down his neck then to his chest and licking the chest hair that was between the two perfect sized nipples.Slowly moving back up again, he paused by the left nipple and start licking all around it, enjoying the taste and feeling the nipple becoming erect. He then moved to the right nipple and gave it the same treatment, all to Anthony's enjoyment."Oh Jim, I have wanted this for so long!" Anthony moaned with pleasure, enjoying the sensations at the hands- rather the tongue- of James.James continued to go lower, lower and lower, until he was just above Anthony's bulge in his red Speedos. He stayed just above it for a few more minutes, teasing Anthony, and then he started to lick and suck the bulge through the fabric of the swim suit."Fuck, suck me James; I want to feel my cock in your hot mouth!" Anthony moaned loudly.James slowly pulled the Speedos down to reveal the 10" cut cock, one of the biggest that James had seen- the only other person who was bigger was Chris Judd at 11". Jim then puts his mouth on the tip of the cock and licks all around; like he was sucking his favourite flavour lolly pop- a cock tasting one."FUCK!!!!" Anthony moaned with pleasure, putting his hands on James's head. "Take more in your mouth!"Doing as requested, James went slowly down more and more of the cock, tasting it all around with his tongue, savouring in the taste, while at the same time inserting a finger into Anthony."SSSSSSSS" Anthony hissed, a mixture of pleasure and pain from the finger being inserted.Finally reaching the base of the massive beauty and smelling the pubes of Anthony, James slowly went back up to the tip again, while inserting another finger in Anthony.Reaching the top of the cock, he slams back down to the base and slowly pulls out the fingers before inserting them again. This was causing Anthony so much pleasure he started to take control and he started using his hands to pull James off his cock before pushing him back down again.Repeating this process for the next 15 minutes, the face fucking of James by Anthony got faster and faster rand then all of a sudden..."FUCK!!!I'M CUMMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!" Screamed Anthony before shooting 7, 8, 9 loads of cum into James before pulling his cock out.Instead of swallowing, James slowly pulled his fingers out of Anthony, moved up to his face and French kissed him, slowly sharing Anthony's cum with him.After all the cum had been swallowed, James lay down next to Anthony."Fuck that was amazing Jim!" Anthony said with a huge smile."I'm going to fuck you now, Tony" James said with a huge grin on his face."Please do" Anthony replied, slowly spreading his legs seductively for James.James then went down to Anthony's ass, spread his legs and pushed them into the air and shoved a tongue into him, getting him ready for the fantastic fuck that he was about to receive."MMMMMM" Anthony moaned as he was getting licked out by James.Then, all of as sudden, the tongue disappeared and was replaced by something else."Get ready" Jim said as he slammed his cock into Anthony in one thrust and rested on top of him, letting Anthony get used to the feeling."Now this is going to go fast!" Jim whispered seductively in Anthony's ear.Taking his 8" uncut beauty out of Anthony, leaving the tip in there, he slammed back in and then went Preteen Gallery back out again, enjoying the feeling of the warmth and tightness of Anthony's arse.Anthony, who was on his back with his eyes closed, was simply enjoying the fuck moaning out loud with pleasure."Fuck me harder Jim! More, I want more of your cock inside of me. Shoot inside me!"Anthony continued to moan and scream with pleasure, as James continued to go in and out of him, going faster and faster.20 minutes later, with sweat dripping off both of them, James suddenly screamed "I'M CUMMMMINNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!" as he shoot his load inside of Anthony.Slowly coming down from his orgasm, James pulled out of Anthony and cuddled up next to him, as they kissed."Hey Anthony, look up on the roof." James murmured.Anthony looked up and he couldn't believe what he saw- a giant poster of Chris Judd's 11" beauty being sucked by James.Looked like James was a giant slut.
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